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Region/Continent and country:
Europe / Switzerland
Category of incident:
What was contaminated:
Feral populations
GM organism involved:
Arabidopsis thaliana
Year incident occurred:

Route of contamination

Switzerland - GM test plants found growing outside laboratories.

Spot checks in Switzerland during 2011 have found genetically modified plants growing illegally outside research laboratories and stations.

Thale Cree (Arabidopsis thaliana) was found growing near laboratories owned by Lausanne, Basal and Zurich. Thale Cress is commonly used as an experimental plant because it grows quickly and responds well to genetic manipulation.

The federal environment agency have said the plants were destroyed and no further contamination had taken place. The Universities responsibly have been asked to discover how the plants came to be growing outside their grounds.

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Further information (16 December 2011) Modified plants found outside laboratories >

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