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Oceania / Australia
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Feral populations
GM organism involved:
Oilseed rape/canola
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Route of contamination

Australia - truck spills GM canola on the Albany Highway WA.

On 9 August 2011, a truck carrying 15 tonnes of GM canola seed accidentally caught fire and resulted in some of the load being spilled onto the highway.

Contractors said they scooped the Canola up and any residues were covered with soil onto the road verge and Cooperative Bulk Handling in a statement said that all protocols had been followed in the clean up. The company and the WA Department for Agriculture and Food will monitor the site for six to eight weeks.

However, Bob Phelps Director of the group Gene Ethics said "The Albany Highway for several kilometres needs quarantining, cleanup and monitoring for at least the next decade but the highway was reopened at 5am this morning���..No effective cleanup could have been done in the dark and GM canola contamination is now likely over large areas from Perth to Albany.�

By 17 August ABC Rural was reporting that �a lot of seed has germinated and recent rain has washed other seed into the roads drainage system�. Nearby property owner Geoff Reed said the seed has washed about 50 metres along the road verge drain.

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Further information

Weekly Times Now. 10 August 2011. GM canola spilt on WA road. >

Gene Ethics ENEWS. 11 August 2011. Truck fire spills GM canola at Williams, WA. >

ABC Rural. 12 August 2011. Fifteen tonnes of GM canola seed spilled on highway. >

Gene Ethics ENEWS. 15 August 2011. GM contamination rampant at canola spill site. >

ABC Rural. 17 August 2011. GM Canola spill on Albany Highway near Williams is sprouting and spreading. By Owen Grieve. >

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