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Region/Continent and country:
Oceania / Australia
Category of incident:
What was contaminated:
Feral populations
GM organism involved:
Oilseed rape/canola
Year incident occurred:

Route of contamination

Australia - citizens survey finds feral oilseed rape.

Commercial planting of GM Canola (oilseed rape) was first authorised in Western Australia in 2010 with 310 growers sowing 72 793 Ha of GM, this was approximately 8 % of the 2010 Canola crop. The highest concentration was in the Esperance region where 30 growers sowed 7656 Ha with GM canola. It was in this region that local citizens from the Conservation Council (WA), Citizen Science Program, Esperance LEAF and GM Cropwatch participated in a survey of feral canola along roadsides on the 8 and 9 September 2011.

The exact location of the GM canola cultivation was unknown but Four �trunk� access routes to the Esperance receival (handling) sites were identified and used for the sampling.

Of the 190 plants collected from the roadsides testing revealed 2 plants to be genetically modified. Although this is a small number is small the report of the survey states �The 2011 monitoring project has provided a benchmark frequency for GM plants in the fugitive Canola population (at least in the Esperance region) after the first year of commercial planting�.

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