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Oilseed rape/canola
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Australia - flooding causes GM contamination

On 16 March ABC Rural announced that recent flooding in Victoria had sparked concerns of another case of contamination between neighbouring farms caused by GM oilseed rape.

The first case arose in 2010 when Steven Marsh an organic farmer from Kojonup Western Australia, discovered GM Canola (Brassica napus) growing on his farm. His organic status was immediately suspended for at least one year and official results confirmed the contamination on 24 December 2010.

This time, Natimuk farmer Bob Mackley says heavy rain washed GM canola from his neighbour-s property through the boundary fence. He's concerned that it will force him to change his crop rotations because he will not be able to grow conventional oilseed rape in the field, his weed control will be more complex and therefore more expensive and finally he is concerned about the liability of having such patent protect seeds on his property.
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Further information

Poole, L. (16 March 2011) Flooding causes GM contamination. ABC Rural >

Poole, L. (18 March 2011) Floods wash away GM canola crop, sparking contamination concern. ABC Rural >

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