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Brazil - Monsanto's GM Roundup Ready soya was smuggled into the country and grown illegally

Until recently, GM crops were not allowed in Brazil, but for years Monsanto's GM soybeans were smuggled into the country and grown illegally creating severe problems for farmers and exporters wanting to supply the growing export market of non-GM soybean products.

The illegal growing also forced the Government to allow the planting of farm-saved GM soya in 2003 for one year intially and then again for the 2004/05 seaon under certain restrictions. It also enabled the adoption a new law that faciliated the approval of GMOs in spring 2005. As a result, Monsanto - the developer of the GM soya - did not assume any liability or responsibility for its own product, but benefited from the illegal cultivation through increased sales of its pesticide, Roundup, which was used on the illegal GM soya fields, and improved prospects for official approval.

In September 2006, the Brazilian Government announced that it would swap illegal GMO soybeans for legal GMO soybeans. The legal GMO seed will be provided by the National Commodities Supply Corp., or Conab. There will be another temporary extension of legalisation of the growing of GM soybean to cover the 2006/07 season.
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Further information

Vice President of the Republic of Brazil (2003) Executive Order No. 4,846 & Provisional Measure 131. Unoffical translation provided by: USDA Foreign Agriculture Service (2003) Brazil approves biotech soybeans. GAIN Report #BR3613 >

Brazil to swap illegal GMO soy for legal GMO in S state. Dow Jones, September 8, 2006 >

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