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Failure of control systems at Bayer CropScience

Canada Unauthorised LLRICE601 still on supermarket shelves

Rice sold in supermarkets in Montreal and Vancouver was found to contain an illegal strain of genetically modified (GM) rice. Independent tests conducted on behalf of Greenpeace confirmed the presence of the unauthorized variety LLRICE601 in two samples collected in different supermarket chains indicating widespread contamination. This rice was developed by Bayer, a multinational chemical and drug corporation, and tested in field trials in Southeastern US in 2001. Although LLRICE601 was never commercialized, contamination of US breeding stocks was first reported in 2006. It has subsequently been discovered in 30 countries around the world. Several weeks before Greenpeace announced the discovery, Canadian officials stopped testing for LLRICE601 on the pretext that government tests indicated that Canadian rice imports did not contain the LLRICE601 gene. Despite the discovery of the illegal rice contamination, official government testing has not resumed in Canada.
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Vancouver Sun, Dec 17, 2007. Illegal U.S. rice found at Vancouver Buy-Low store >

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