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Illegal sale of Cotton from field trials

MEC Report: Field Trials of GM Crops in India: illegal and Unscientific

India -Illegal GM cotton field trials

A report by the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee* (MEC) looked at 7 large scale trial fields in Madhya Pradesh [including 5 adjacent plots], 4 in Punjab, 2 in Maharashtra, 2 in Tamil Nadu and 3 limited/RCGM trials in Andhra Pradesh and 3 RCGM trials in Punjab pertaining to Bollgard II. These cases represent various companies undertaking field trials of Bollgard II a GM insect resistant cotton that contains two types of the Bt gene Cry1Ac and Cry2Ab.

By interviewing the farmers growing the trials, the report claims to have found many irregularities including; poor record keeping, minimum isolation distance between GM and non GM cotton field not maintained, minimum 5 row refuge not all ways present and that farmers were illegally mixing the GM varieties with the rest of their harvest and selling it at local markets.

*The Monitoring and Evaluation Committee [MEC] to monitor Bt Cotton across the country was set up by Adivasi Ekta Sangathan, AKRSP, CEAD, Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, Grameen Vikas Trust, Greenpeace India, Jan Saahas, Kheti Virasat Mission, Krishnadevaraya Rythu Sankshema Sangam, Krushi, MARI, Navajyothi, Pasumai Tayagam, Prasun, Rashtriya Satyagrah Dal, Sampark, Sarvodaya Youth Organisation, SECURE, VASPS and YUVA
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