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Italy - Chinese dumpling containing illegal GE rice seized by Italian authority.

The Italian Heath Ministry has informed Greenpeace that 11,880 packages of dumpling coming from China, have been seized by Italian authorities after was revealed the presence of illegal GE rice (Bt63). The products had been manufactured in December 2006, and seized while there were in a warehouse close to Brescia (north of Italy).

The Italian Authorities had also notified the contamination case via the EU Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF).

During 2007, Bt63 was also found in Italy on the following occasions;

  • 18th June it was found in rice noodles from China
  • 4th September it was found in Spaghetti originating from China.

For full details of the contamination of food products with illegal Bt63 rice from China click here
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