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Brazil - GM cotton growing spontaneously in Parana State

8th May 2007

Spontaneous germination of illegal GM cotton was found in the North of Parana State, Brazil, during a regular inspection carried out by the State Agriculture Secretary. The contamination was found close to a road that connects the cities of Bela Vista do Paraíso and Alvorada do Sul. The plants found alongside the road (already flowering) were tested by the Secretary lab and found to be positive for Bt and RR varieties - both from Monsanto. Both varieties are illegal in Brazil.

Accordingly to Marcelo Silva, the agronomist in charge of the inspection, the seeds probably fell down from a truck, which cause the spontaneous germination. "This fact demonstrates the risk of proliferation of GM varieties which are not authorized". The case will now be notified to the Environmental Institute of Parana (IAP) and to the Agriculture Ministry.
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