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Japan – Noodles and rice flour from China are found to be contaminated with Bt63 GM rice

According to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) GM rice contamination was found in imported processed rice products from;
- JIANGSU BABY (GROUP) CO. (glutinous rice flour)

Among those, 10 package (171kg) of the rice noodles had been distributed, but are now being re-called by the company. The rest did not leave the port quarantine station. The government is now checking the import reports and will be checking the products that have been distributed already by the two companies.

The food importers involved were;
- Morii Foods:
- Mitaki Company:

The Japanese government bought the incident to the attention of the Chinese Embassy and has as that the Chinese government prevents such contamination in the future. China has not yet responded.

The Japanese government has been checking processed rice products from China since September 2006. This is the first time Japan found the contamination. The Japanese government will be testing other companies’ Chinese rice products as well. For the two companies in question, all their products will be checked from now on (including previously imported products). Additionally, the Japanese government is checking Chinese rice kernel. The control started in January last year, with 370 tests carried out so far but until no other contamination has been found.

For full details of the contamination of food products with illegal Bt63 rice from China click here
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Press Releases of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare - 26th January 2007 >

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