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France - ex Monsanto company directors convicted in GM soya contamination case

In April 2000, France's General Directorate for Fair Trading, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control detected the presence of unauthorised GM soya in seeds imported from the USA by Asgrow (a Monsanto subsidiary). It was discovered that the company's executives had known about the contamination in their products since at least December 1999.

In December 2006, two ex-directors of Asgrow, Serge Reymond and Jean-Bernard Bonastre, were found guilty by a Carcassone court of:
  1. having placed a genetically modified organism on the market without authorisation;
  2. sale and storage of a falsified, corrupt or toxic agricultural product;
  3. fraudulent advertising;
  4. deception about the nature and quality of merchandise in 1999 and 2000.
The case was originally brought by the Confédération Paysanne, a French farmers’ association, on behalf of farmers affected by the contamination. The directors were required to pay a fine of € 15,000 fine and costs and damages of € 8,000 to France Nature Environnement, € 4,000 to the Confédération Paysanne, and € 4,000 to the consumers organisation UFC Que Choisir.
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