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Illegal import of maize seed

Brazil - GM contaminated maize seed sold illegally

State deputy, Frei S�rgio Ant�nio G�rgen, has said that tests of maize seed being sold in Bar�o de Cotegipe city in the Alto Uruguay region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, show was contaminated with Monsanto�s Roundup Ready GA21 maize. Over one quater (27.5%), of the seed sample was GM maize. The seed was said to have been illegally imported from Argentina and had been planted by farmers in 2004 and 2005. The Ministry of Agriculture said that it will investigate the incident and destroy contaminated maize fields.

No GM maize has yet be licensed for growing in Brazil because of concerns that it may contaminate local landraces of maize.
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Further information

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Illegal GM corn found in Brazil. SciDev.Net, December 2, 2005 >

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