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Romania – GM potatoes grown in unauthorized trials

Greenpeace and the Sun Valley Association have found that GM potatoes have been planted illegally. GM Bt insect resistant potatoes, of the Redsec and Coval varieties, were planted on 3340 sq m at the Research and Development Station in Tirgu-Secuiesc without the required authorization.

Under Romanian law, a permit is required all releases of GM organisms, but the research station did not have such permission. The GM potatoes were being grown as part of a World Bank funded project of Banat’s University for Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine: “Promotion and extension of sustainable, non-polluting and efficient technologies for potato cultures”. The project is using Bacillus thuringiensis toxin (Bt) genes to introduce resistance to the Colarado beetle into potatoes.

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Greenpeace a descoperit culturi ilegale de cartof modificat genetic. Greenpeace press release, September 8, 2005 >

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