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world incidents map 'Triffid' flax causes contamination around the world
An unauthorised genetically modified flax from Canada is found in an increasing number of countries
US - GM field trials contaminate rice supplies worldwide
Unapproved GM rice owned by Bayer CropScience found in US rice exports in over 30 countries.
rice Illegal Rice Bt63 from China Contaminates Food Products
Contaminated foods found in the UK, France and Germany.
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Argentina - illegal planting of Monsanto GM maize discovered >> more
Brazil - GM contaminated maize seed sold illegally >> more
Brazil - GM cotton found growing illegally >> more
Brazil - GM cotton growing spontaneously in Parana State >> more
Brazil - Monsanto's GM Roundup Ready soya was smuggled into the country and grown illegally >> more
Brazil - Syngenta conducts illegal trial with GM soybeans >> more
Brazil Illegal Roundup Ready cotton grown on 16,000 hectares >> more
China - illegal sale and growing of GM rice revealed by Greenpeace >> more
Croatia - first field trials with GM maize conducted before regulations in place >> more
Europe - European Commission says 1,000 tonnes illegal Sygenta's Bt10 maize imported into Europe. >> more

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