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world incidents map 'Triffid' flax causes contamination around the world
An unauthorised genetically modified flax from Canada is found in an increasing number of countries
US - GM field trials contaminate rice supplies worldwide
Unapproved GM rice owned by Bayer CropScience found in US rice exports in over 30 countries.
rice Illegal Rice Bt63 from China Contaminates Food Products
Contaminated foods found in the UK, France and Germany.
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Japan - GM fish sold in pet shops >> more
Japan - Imported GM oilseed rape continues to spill from lorries and established feral populations remain viable. >> more
Japan - Imported oilseed rape found growing along roadsides for the fourth year. >> more
Mexico - GM maize planted illegally >> more
Mexico GM maize contamination found again in 2003 >> more
Mexico GM Maize found growing in the state of Sinaloa >> more
Mexico Monsanto plants GM cotton illegally >> more
Peru Illegal genetically modified maize found. >> more
Philippines - Farmers lured into planting Bt maize >> more

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